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This product is great as a budget product but do not think that this is a bad product in any sense because it actually is not. At this price point it is appropriate to expect quality materials, solid craftsmanship, and extra features which enhance the user experience. Weight the jetboil sol is the lightest of the integrated canister stoves we tested, weighing in at 10. Overviewbrew the best cup of backcountry coffee or flip it over to steam your favourite fish and vegetables. The design is awkward to use, but a jetboil user gets used to it. View and download jetboil hel200 instructions for use manual online.

Overall the jetboil zip has average performance equivalent to the pcs, which is quite good, but not as good as the standout jetboil sol systems. Jetboil helios group cooking system section hikers. The new jetboil sol aluminium is a compact cooking system that is extremely. A recent contribution has caused me to reassemble this manual into a single pdf after cherry picking the best parts of various sources. Jetboil is basically stuck with the design in order to have all of their companion cups be backwardly compatible with previous models. Sol systems manual this site used to have each chapter of the sol systems manual broken out as a separate document, which was probably somewhat inconvenient to download. Nova 720r wide smart pro, com, tec, z xtender brochures. Powered by fluxring technology, the zips easytouse cooking system boils water in just over two minutes with half the fuel consumption of traditional systems. It is one of the most advanced stove versions made by jetboil. Jetboil manufactures and markets lightweight gasfueled portable stoves used primarily for backpacking. Shipping prices are tiered and vary depending on order size.

Jan 08, 2012 jetboil has the fastest stoves for boiling water when camping or hiking, but which one is right for you. Oct 19, 2011 the design is awkward to use, but a jetboil user gets used to it. The jetboil zip, and by extension the whole jetboil cooking system has challenged that preference with an efficient and welldesigned system demonstrated in the jetboil zip. You could also buy a hanging kit to suspend the stove within your tent or vestibule when perched cliffside for the night, making it an ideal stove for small spaces.

Lids, bottom covers, cozies, handles, burner assemblies, spare cups and more. Unlike the sol ti, the heat exchanger fins on the bottom of this stoves pot are thicker and more durable, so this stove can be packed sans the bottom cap. The unregulated models pcs, flash, and zip will heat slower in colder weather because they are flowing less gas. When im backpacking and camping, my goal is to make it as fun and easy as possible. Genesis and halfgen basecamp accessories, cooking accessories spare cups, hanging kits, coffee press, fuel related accessories jetgauge, crunchit, hoses, cozies and replacement parts lids, bottom covers, burner assemblies, handles. The wind was constant between 1018 mph and gusts hit 20 mph.

Msr has their new windboiler just as jetboil has replaced the sol ti with their minimo. Jetboil sol titanium vs jetboil sol aluminium hikelighter. However, if youre willing to fiddle with it a bit, you really can cook with a jetboil sol. It doesnt work worth a hoot in the cold, so dont think of it as a winter snowmelter. Galileo terra galileo trimix instruments mantis m1 mantis m2 meridian module.

The minimo, and all jetboil stoves, focus on ease of use and widgets to add to the experience. The jetboil micromo cooking system balances clean lines and travelfriendly weight with uncompromising cooking performance for your backpacking adventures. Jetboil manufactures and markets lightweight gasfueled portable stoves used primarily for backpacking the company was formed in 2001 by dwight aspinwall and perry dowst in a former woolen mill in guild, new hampshire, debuting its products at the 2003 outdoor retailers trade show. The jetboil sol ti also comes with a pot adaptor for use with nonbrand pots and the companys folding stove stand to attach to fuel canisters. Jetboil micromo and minimo are both great stoves and theyre 95% identical. This was not the case when i first got the sol ti and it had instructions how to. Whether your main goal is to simply fuel up or youre challenging yourself to create gourmet dishes on the go, theres no better option in the backcountry. Looks like jetboil has some new products for 2016, including the jetboil micromo titanium jetboil micromo titanium honestly though, for the cost, it doesnt seem to shave much weight compared to the cheaper flash lite, but jetboil claims the burner on the micromo simmers better and performs better in cold weather. The only difference between the two is that minimo comes with a pot with 1l of volume. Jetboil hel200 instructions for use manual pdf download. Featurescompatible with zip, flash, flash lite, micromo, pcs sol and sol ti.

The sol is the one needed for 1 person and also 2 people sometimes at a stretch. The locking pot support adapts the jetboil burner for use with the jetboil fluxring fry pan and 1. How not to use your jetboil stove common mistakes made while using jetboil stoves and the proper use demonstrated. Downloadable instructions for using jetboil products are available here. View a list of products that are no longer in production. A triedandtrue classic, the zip personal cooking system is a reliable, nofrills option for backpackers who want a stowable, efficient, and affordable camping stove. Take a look at the jetboil full line of accessories. Do not move, lift, or tilt sol while burner is lit. The jetboil sol ti cook pot, like the stove, is engineered for boiling water but doubles as a drinking mug. The jetboil flash is a great deal for a good product. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact customer service.

Jetboil flash personal cooking system is designed to be one of the safest cooking solutions out there. Jetboil builds superdependable backpacking stoves and camping systems that pack light, set up quick, and achieve rapid boils in minutes. The jetboil sol is a lot more than just a fast water. I thought this cant be so i called jetboil contact us. As an alky stove user, i can tell you that i use my sons jetboil sol when we hike together it is just so darned fast and convenient. A triedandtrue classic, the zip was born from our original pcs design and offers a reliable, nofrills option for backpackers. Mar 26, 2012 the jetboil sol is not a gourmet cooks stove.

The lightweight, compact jetboil sol stove features a fuel regulator for consistent heatoutput whether youre camped out in the dead of winter or perched atop. The smallest 100 gram fuel canister is enough fuel to boil up 12 full liters of water. Find jetpower fuel near you a highperformance propaneisobutene blend for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, even in cold weather. The jetboil zip is generally designed around the thought that in the backcountry you will mostly be eating freeze dried food, and so its principle use is that of boiling water. In this true 4season upright canister cooking system, jetboil introduces advanced. Jetboil sol ti outdoors bangor daily news bdn maine. The insulated cozy and lid will prevent high amounts of heat loss as. It is also compatible with the jetboil hanging kit and coffee press and all of the. How to recycle your fuel canister using the crunchit. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. Thats why i bought a jetboil personal cooking system pcs. Its our top pick for integrated canister stoves and is the lightest integrated canister stove in our test.

Feb 10, 2015 in our tests we boiled half a liter of water in the sol in 2 minutes, 26 seconds the jetboil flash took 2 minutes and 49 seconds. Jetpower fuel canisters can be punctured and made recycling bin ready with the use of the jetboil crunchit tool. Jetboil has the fastest stoves for boiling water when camping or hiking, but which one is right for you. There are three main differences between the flash and the sol. Oct 04, 2016 the jetboil sol is a solid choice if looking for an awesome cooking stove to take with you on backpacking trips. They have exactly the same burner, regulator, shroud, control valve, canister stabilizer and baseplate attachment. Jetboil seems to maintain this design in order to have backward compatibility of their accessory pots with existing stoves. The only difference between the two is that minimo comes with a pot with 1l of volume instead of the micromos pot with 0. I went with the sol over the cheaper model jetboil stoves because of the flame regulation which should allow an easier cooking of not 100% water based meals, also the ti because of the light weight construction since i will be using this stove primarily for backpacking. Im not sure if i can add anything to discussion, but what the heck. I have a rather long and unique history with the jetboil systems those who have followed my articles for any length of time know some of the good and the bad but there is one thing about the jetboil sol ti that keeps haunting me. Backpacking food and backpacking cooking with jetboil.

The dimensions of the jetboil sol stove are approximately 4. Both are real cooking stoves not quick boiling without simmering stoves. Jetboil helios group cooking system philip werner jetboil, vintage backpacking gear the jetboil helios is a highly technical, group cooking system designed to accommodate the larger capacity cooking needs of 35 people at a time. The product is good but as we have seen that people who have budget issues go with this one, we described this angle too. Using my jetboil personal cooking system on a backpacking trip.

Since jetboil is the leader in oneperson backpacking cooking stoves, this makes the sol a very popular product. Plus we have the unrivaled power and control you need to go gourmet from basecamp to summit and everywhere in between. Jetboil sol advanced cooking system 2018 outdoor gears. In this video, sam from babbitts backcountry outfitters will show you how to unpack, setup, and operate your jetboil stove. The sol ti model is only for heating and boiling water and can get damaged if used outside this purpose, the sol al model is also for cooking and melting snow.

The cooking cup clips onto the burner, preventing accidental spills, and the fuel canister tripod ensures overall stability. A jetboil stove isnt just one of the most dependable backpacking stoves on the market, it might be one of the most dependable stoves you will ever own, period. A step up from jetboil s original stoves, the minimo has been in the lineup for a few years now. It is an excellent little companion for any short backpacking or alpine mission as long as you like food that only requires boiling, such as freezedried astronaut food and ramen noodles. If so, jetboil will repair or replace the unit at its discretion and return it to you free of charge. Product manuals our instructions for use are available to download here and on the individual product pages. Jetboil sol advanced cooking system is exactly one of those products. Yes, i was able to do some real cooking with the jetboil sol, but that valve really is tricky down in the lower range of the stove. The jetboil sol advanced cooking system, introduced in spring 2011, is the same as their top of the line sol ti premium cooking system, except it has an aluminum pot instead of a titanium pot, and the cozy has a heat indicator strip on it. The jetboil sol is the latest iteration of the flash. Read these warnings and instructions for use carefully to familiarize yourself with the appliance before connecting it to its gas container. Up to now i have been using a homemade alcohol stove and ive been looking hard at the jetboil sols and when i went to the jetboil web site i didnt see the sols listed as a cooking. Jul 18, 20 the jetboil sol will boil a half of liter of water in about 2 mins flat. Shipments are on pause due to the stayathome government mandate.

Note, the jetboil flash is the newer version of the jetboil pcs. Jetboil flash personal cooking system jetboil camping stove. Cooking is a pleasure for some and a chore for others. The pot has sturdy plastic coated handles, and the pot and burner system has been made more. The jetboil ti sol is the titanium version of the jetboil solo stove.

Greetings hikers, climbers, adventure racers, bikers, and all outdoor lovers. The lightest offering yet from jetboil, the jetboil sol titanium stove weighs a. Oct 01, 20 the jetboil sol ti cook pot, like the stove, is engineered for boiling water but doubles as a drinking mug. In our tests we boiled half a liter of water in the sol in 2 minutes, 26 seconds the jetboil flash took 2 minutes and 49 seconds. The stem and basket detach to easily stow in your cup. Sol discontinued the jetboil sol was discontinued in 2015. In 2006 the company moved its headquarters to manchester, new hampshire and in 2012 was purchased by. Tool dude tony demonstrates jetboil s top of the line cooking systems and compares them for. Hey rbackpacking, so i have the standard jetboil, and im fairly certain the downstem which lets the propane up into the burner is clogged. The jetboil sol titanium and the jetboil sol aluminium greetings, over the last few years there has been a lot of discussion regarding the differences between the jetboil sol titanium and the jetboil sol aluminium, mainly centered around the fact that most feel the titanium version is overpriced and not worth the extra money for the weight. How not to use your jetboil stove common mistakes made while using jetboil.

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