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The scenarios covered include constructing email, sending email, and adding attachments. Below are some curl examples for several basic use cases to get you sending email through sendgrid s v3 mail send endpoint right away. We are managing the lists ourselves and sendgrid is simply our transport and are using code igniter to build the system. Further explore sendgrid s email sending php library. If you are using curl, or your own implementation, you probably need to. The official twilio sendgrid led, community driven php api library s. Buildstatus packagist downloads email notifications badge mit licensed.

Twilio sendgrid send and deliver transactional and marketing. Below are some curl examples for several basic use cases to get you sending email through sendgrids v3 mail send endpoint right away. Send mail using sendgrid is better for sending mail in php. The email activity api gives you the ability to search and download a csv of your. You should create a lib directory in the directory of your application and clone to lib repositories php client and sendgrid php. If you choose not to use sendgrids client library you may use phps curl function to query the web api. Contribute to sendgridphp client development by creating an account on github. Im glad you figured it out in the future, sendgrid is super easy to use. How to use the sendgrid email service php microsoft docs. Delivering your transactional and marketing email through one reliable platform. We are wondering what you would recommend we use, sendgrid as an smtp server, or use its curl api. Send email with php and sendgrid sendgrid documentation. This guide demonstrates how to perform common programming tasks with the sendgrid email service on azure. For more information on sendgrid and sending email, see the next steps section.

Smtp php code example sendgrid recommends using our php smtpapi library, full documentation can be found on github. We are setting up a bulk mailing system using sendgrid as our core. How to setup wordpress smtp for sending emails must watch for all website owners duration. They dont have an smtp server builtin to azure websites for good reason.

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