Nva 4-h horse project book

Appropriate for youth in grades 312 depending on skill and experience. Keep accurate records and note project progress in the 4h horse project record book. See our form and document help page for instructions on how to download and fill out the documents listed here and elsewhere on this website. Discover all the aspects about raising and riding horses. Make sure all of your records are stored in a protected cover so that you have them in. This set of horse curriculum has been recently revised 2015 and contains 5 books focused on specific topic areas and 1 facilitator guide.

Horse project record books university of maryland extension. Horse ui extension 4h youth development university of. University of idaho extension 4h youth development. It should be kept in an updated, neat and accurate manner. The purpose of the tennessee 4h horse program is to provide educational opportunities for 4h. Members may own or lease a horse, but must manage the horse 75% of the time, whether owned or leased. Start by downloading the whole document from the entire my 4h resume link below. The 4h members record book cover is our number one bestselling product. The new hampshire 4h horse project focuses learning around equines such as horses, donkeys and mules. The 4h horse project osu extension catalog oregon state. Horses must be identified with the state 4h horse identification sheet by june 1 of the current year. If you do well at the county fair, you might qualify for the state horse show.

Ui extension 4h youth development university of idaho 875 perimeter drive, ms 3015 moscow, id 838443015. Free2020 for free shipping or 20in2020 20% off the entire. Resources to be used to complete this record book and sore. Participants in the 4h horse project are required to attend a helmet education workshop andor view the video every time, every ride once as a junior 4h member 8 and once as a senior 4h member 14 and up. Horse members must attend three meetings prior to horse roundup. Join doug crouse and jill jackson to discuss county record books and the.

The florida 4h state website offers some of these books and other educational books for online purchase. Horseless horse members do not own or lease a horse. General project record 57 years chick chain project 56 years chick chain project 7 years 4h record covers are required for wilson county 4h livestock participants and nc 4h portfolio records. Over 20 different horse related subjects are covered in easytouse worksheets. Horse provides an interactive, handson curriculum for youth to explore raising and showing horses while developing life skills. Record books virginia cooperative extension virginia tech. The virginia 4h foundation is spearheading the advancement of the virginia 4h youth livestock programs endowment.

Book sections cover horse breeds, psychology, and how to. Members gain skills in basic horse care and animal. This may be the only project taken or the member may also enroll in additional 4h projects including the progressive riding projects. This manual provides information on various breeds of horses and how to evaluate good conformation of any horse. All record and project books linked here are pdf format and can be printed on your home printer. Totin chip and firemn chip, nova awards, the world conservation. You dont have to have your own animal to participate in the new hampshire 4h horse project.

Keeping a record book is an important part of the project. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the 4h member to see that headgear complies with standards and is in. Michigan state university extension programs and materials are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, age, height, weight, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or. Available literature includes colorado 4h horse rule book, 4h horse. They may also be ordered online through unl marketplace nebraska 4h horse program website. Feed, care for, groom, exercise and take responsibility for your horse when possible. In cooperation with 4h volunteers of the state 4h horse project advisory committee estella almeida, wendy hale, judy hennessy, cathy porter, virginia sisco based on my 4h record book by keith g. The 4h horse project manual is designed to give horse project youth basic information on the care and use of horses. This book is designed to be the place where you keep records on your project. Junior record book ages 9 publication 406122 4h694p revised 2017.

All records needed for record keeping of all 4h projects. Horse montana 4h montana state university extension. If you would like to buy a print copy of a perfect stayathome project or any other project book, you can order directly from extensionpubs. Name 4h age primary club name years in 4h years in this project i have completed this record and believe all information to be complete and accurate. Virginia 4h horse project senior record book vce publications. The 4h ambassadors are the youth representatives for 4h nova scotia whether winning at the county, regional or provincial level. Virginia 4h horse project junior record book virginia tech. The purpose of 4h awards is to recognize achievement in a 4h project area.

Written for the beginner but suitable for members of all ages. Msu is an affirmativeaction, equalopportunity employer. Activities include horse body shop, designing the perfect horse, paper dolls, human cues and group relay knot. However, nebraska 4h also offers a variety of horse programs that do not require youth to own or have access to a horse. Project records 812 years project records 18 years hog performance record steer performance record cloverbud project records. Selecting the horse as a project allows a 4her to learn more about how horses are properly cared for and ridden. A 4h project is a subject or a topic that each 4her learns more about by attending 4h club meetings and educational workshop, and by working with adult leaders and other 4h members. To be a 4h horse club member, you must first enroll in 4h in your county.

Agriculture and natural resources agent carrie swanson. Must not have the same 4h project in any other county. See lease agreement details in the colorado 4h rule book. These books are used as project activity guides project books for each of the project areas. The 4h horse project 1 introducing the 4h horse project many people, young and old, are discovering the satisfaction and pleasure that horses can bring them. Youth have the opportunity to learn riding, driving, showing in hand, gymkhana, management, science, nutrition, safety and care. Each level is designed to take 24 years to complete. Consider joining our facebook delaware 4h horse project leaders group. What goals did you set for your project this year and did you achieve them. A planning guide at the beginning of each book outlines required and optional activities and specific skills for each level.

As you fill up a section you can download additional. The 4h horse project can be an exciting and worthwhile experience for both you and your horse. New hampshire 4h horse project overview unh extension. The horse project is designed as a tool for 4h members to learn about horse care and handling, and the equine industry in general, through handson activities designed to develop skills not only in horsemanship and equine handling, but also in leadership, communication, decisionmaking and. Horse curriculum provides an interactive, handson curriculum for youth to explore raising and showing horses while developing life skills. Horse and pony is an exciting 4h project area because you can participate whether you own a hours or not. Kansas state 4h office 201 umberger hall 1612 claflin road kansas state university manhattan, ks 66506. You do not need to do number 7 write a onepage report explaining what you did and learned during this project. This is a basic resource for 4h members doing a horse project in oregon, washington, and idaho. Additionally, there are volunteer opportunities within these programs which are open to both youth and their families. Win the competition first at your club rally, then again at county rally, and then at your regional rally.

See the horse program rule book for details and what a. This project also may be used during the educational portion of club meetings. It will help you set goals for the project year, record your accomplishments and help guide. Check with your county 4h agent about specific requirements for your county. They are optional for other records or use of a 3prong folder. Check with your local 4h office to sign up minnesota 4h state horse show. Completing a 4h record book is a process where 4h members record project and club work. This manual covers from beginning horseman level i to advanced horseman level iv. They give members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work and encourage members to set goals and develop plans to meet those goals. Horse animals projects kansas 4h youth development.

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