Clogging cue sheets to download

Cue sheets are organized by level, then alphabetically. All the cue sheets on this page are original choreography by colleen zurbrigg, cci. The turkey in the straw dance step sheet is listed on the clogging cue sheet page. A cue sheet is a schedule of the music contained in a film or television program and is the essential document for ascap to distribute royalties for musical performances in audiovisual media. Clogging classes, dances, instructional videos lets do. If youre looking for fools fall in love, just fools is enough. Tried to get it out of my blood, but it just refuses to leave. If you do not have the free adobe reader, you can get it from adobe using this link. Type in a word or two from the dance name, choreographer last name, rhythm, or a combination of them case. We are a nonprofit, hand clapping, foot tapping, high energy dance group. Some of darolyns dances have been posted on youtube see link next to cuesheet. Cue sheets of the speed city cloggers in ormond beach. The 37th national convention will be held july 2426, 2020 in new orleans, louisiana. We offer exhibitions for your next event or function, attend competitions, offer beginner lessons, give a list of upcoming workshops and competitions, there is something for everyone.

Links to clogging cue sheets, accessories and organizations. The national dance list ndl is used widely throughout the clogging fraternity in australia. Some of the songs have multiple versions of choreography that are danced, so you may find. If youre interested in any of the cue sheets below that are not currently available. Here are a whole dang bunch of cue sheets from routines i have written or collaborated on during the last few years. If the name of the song starts with the word the, it will be listed under the second word.

Clogging sax coalmine come on over come on over mn cotton eyed joe cotton eyed joe 2009 country boy. Click on the symbols or html to view the cue sheets. This fun dance event includes cued fun dancing by jeff driggs, west virginia, usa. Basic basicplus easyintermediate intermediate intermediateplus advanced. To me, the spirit of clogging is in its ability to integrate some movement vocabulary from other cultures. Today dances are choreographed to music from several genres, including country, rock, pop, bluegrass, and christian. Daphne dahl panter in german but cue sheets in english double toe times archive.

Search for a single word in the title, artist or choreographer, or a year. Click on the song title to download a pdf version of the cue sheet. Find a clogging event in your area or post your upcoming event on the map. Here is a list of cue sheet websites i have accumulated, this will be updated periodically. The cue sheets may not be used or copied without permission. Check out the many cue sheets online to see the variety of songs chosen by choreographers links page. If you get too many results, then add another search term.

If a dance you would like is not listed, email regina or contact the site. Cue sheets over 20 years old will be in the archives cue sheets page the archives. To view, print, or download cue sheets, click on the dance title. Clogpendi um issue 1 a compendium of canadian clogging choreography. Cue sheets used by the speed city cloggers, an ormond beach clogging club. Feel free to download any of these and if you do dance them, please make my day by letting me know. It provides a common curriculum for clubs in australia and enables cloggers to participate in social dancing at any location around the country. Due to the sheer volume of cue sheets available over 6000, i am not able to provide direct links to all of them. Start your clogging journey by locating a clogger in your area. Older cue sheets do not have step breakdowns email us. Here are jeffs cue sheets for the fun dances done on the 2nd worldwide clogging fun dance on youtube march 29, 2020.

Basic clogging steps christmas dances are at the bottom now. Originally, cloggers danced to traditional mountain, fiddle and bluegrass music. Turkey in the straw mp3 download by rightclicking on music icon at the right. Aca national dance list australian clogging association. Feel free to drop josh a line by clicking the contact link in the menu. Cuesheets are helpful for remembering different routines. Colleen zurbrigg, ontario, canada, bobby and rhonda butzke, texas, usa. These are routines we learn, as well as a few extras just for fun. It is typically prepared by the production company and delivered to ascap and lists the following pieces of information. Most of the cue sheets are linked below and are available in adobe pdf format. This is how clogging was formed and continues to grow.

Our goals are to learn new clog dancing steps and routines with seattle cloggers. Clogging is stepdancing similar to tap put to modern music. Jeff driggs has an amazing page of his cue sheets, also trevor dewitt has a great page do some surfing, there is some amazing sites to visit. Happy people easy intermediate line dance 2020 new. On my website i provide clogging choreography, clogging classes, clogging dances, clogging cue sheets, clogging workshops and clogging instructional videos. Use i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi enter the least information required to find your dance. Poulton abigail guthrie adam king adele brewer alberta stamp alissa stoops amanda woodard american rhythm dancers amy adams andrea coppess andrew hearne andrew. Below youll find a list of all of the workshop clogging routines ive choreographed. If you have a list of cue sheets that you would like listed please email kerri with a site link. By finding music that is culturally different, i have the opportunity to study new types of movement and integrate it into the clogging vocabulary. European clogging association halloween cloggodiles site in german but cue sheets in english. To see typical abbreviations used on cue sheets, click here. Below is a cuesheet of the dance you are about to learn. Cue sheets holiday cue sheets show schedule group dance videos performance videos friendship center dance list kerris you tube channel step combination videos national dance list holiday cue sheets.

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